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Celebrating small businesses in Los Angeles, local artist Phill Bourque partnered with The Hartford to create a Mural in West Hollywood.


“West Hollywood has always retained its welcoming energy. Small boutique shops, sneaker and designer wear are stacked along the streets, especially on Melrose Ave. The trendy coffee shops and foreign cuisine are a huge part of what makes Melrose Ave so unique and an essential part of Weho’s charm.”

- Phill Bourque, Mural Artist

Phill’s Neighborhood Picks


SUR Restaurant & Lounge

“A good friend of mine worked at this place, which has always portrayed an upscale yet laid back atmosphere.”



“A personal favorite of mine (try the shrimp plate and pomegranate Margaritas).”


The Melrose Umbrella Co.

“Fantastic food and cocktail selections.”


La Boheme

“One of my favorite indoor/outdoor restaurants in Weho. Brunch is usually the go-to, with tons of activities and outdoor patios, you can always enjoy yourself and the company of others while sipping down a couple of mimosas.”

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